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    Cooking on an Aga
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    The AGA cooker is the master of all cooking methods. Learn how to cook delicious food on the iconic cast-iron cooker.

    From quick stir-fries through to elaborate soufflés, the AGA excels at every style of cooking. AGA cakes are lighter, roasts are more succulent, chips crunchier. Yorkshire puddings rise more, steaks are juicier and pizzas are always crisp to perfection. There is nothing the AGA cannot do and everything it does it does better. It's even a whizz at ready meals for those more hectic days.
    Full Article can be viewed at http://www.agaliving.com/buying-an-aga/10-aga-cooking-methods

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    Cleaning Your Aga
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    Cleaning Your Aga

    An Aga Cooker can be difficult to keep clean but follow our handy tips and you’ll keep it in top shape!

    Cleaning the enamel top or front: By far the best advice is to mop up spills as they happen. This is best achieved with a damp cloth. For small spillages or splatter, the cloth softens the deposit as it is removed. Enamel cleaners work well but the high temperature of the Aga top means you will have to make this quick work! After cleaning, buff the surface with a dry cloth. If you do not seem to be making progress with a spill, or it is obviously baked on do not despair - The vent cover at its base should be treated the same way as the top or front of the Aga or cleaned accordingly. The chromed lids can be cleaned in the same way or polished using a stainless steel polish. A proprietary chrome cleaner gives a good final finish. The underside of the chromed lid is made of pressed aluminium or dents or scratches easily. It also gets splattered or can look unsightly.

    A mild cream cleaner on a nylon scouring pad can improve the appearance. Do not experiment! Any acid-based cleaner should be avoided, or fruit juice, milk, vinegar should be cleaned off immediately because they will permanently mark the enamel. The ovens: These do not need the traditional form of oven cleaning, because spills are baked to death or can be brushed out hot or cold (take great care though to ensure that you don’t get burnt). Deft work with a tapered vacuum cleaner hose is also effective on cremated remains, providing you do not loiter too long in the hot oven! The warming oven (bottom left on a 4-door Aga) is cool enough to be cleaned with a damp cloth. A nylon scouring pad can improve the appearance. Do not experiment! Make sure any products used on the enamel are approved by the vitreous enamel association!

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    Under The Hood OF An Aga
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    Under the hood of your Aga

    We've created this blog to give Aga Cooker owners a unique insight into the construction and materials that go into making it up! Check back soon for a full description of what goes into making an Aga Cooker!


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