There are various insulating materials used in an Aga Cooker that ensures the appliance runs efficiently. If this area has been neglected for a number of years your cooker may not in fact be coming up to full heat and will be using more energy than required. The deterioration of the levels of internal insulation within the cooker create this scenario and the only solution is to re-insulate and repack the Aga. Insulation material will break-up over time leaving an inefficient Aga that suffers from the above problems. In addition, some materials are no longer used in the UK and hence should be replaced for the modern equivalent at this time.


With over 15 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We now offer a re-insulation package for all models of which covers the following;

  • Remove and replenish all old vermiculite for new
  • Remove all kieselguhr or fullers, earth and replace with vermiculite
  • Remove all slag and fibreglass to top and renew for a superwool insulation blanket
  • Pack round hot spot/simmer spot and seal with a custom made insulation rope
  • Remove slag or fibreglass in lids and doors and renew for superwool custom sized pads
  • Remove and replace all rope/gauze seals and renew with up to date seals
  • Prices will vary dependent on the model you have so if you are interested please get in touch for full information.


Two Oven Deluxe £400
Four Oven Deluxe £500
Two Oven Standard £550
Four Oven Standard £600
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